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Malabar Manual

by William Logan

Commentary by 


The following are links to the digital book version of Malabar Manual written by William Logan.

A commentary written by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is also there.

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The cover page and intro ​ 1. My aim The information divide 2. The layout of the book 3. My own insertions 4. The first impressions about the contents 5. India and Indians ​ 6. An acute sense of not understanding 7. Entering a terrible social system 8. The doctoring and the manipulations 9. What was missed or unmentioned, or even fallaciously defined 10. NONSENSE 11. Nairs / Nayars 12. A digression to Thiyyas 13. Designing the background 14. Content of current-day populations 15. Nairs / Nayars

16. The Thiyya quandary

17. The terror that perched upon the Nayars

18. The entry of the Ezhavas

19. Exertions of the converted Christian Church

20. Ezhava-side interests

21. The takeover of Malabar

22. Keralolpathi

23. About the language Malayalam

24. Superstitions

25. Misconnecting with English

26. Feudal language 27. Claims to great antiquity

28. Piracy


30. Slavery

31. The Portuguese


33. The French


35. Kottayam

36. Mappillas 37. Mappilla outrages against the Nayars and the Hindus (Brahmins and Ambalavasis) 38. The Mappilla outrage list 39. What is repulsive about Muslims?

40. Hyder Ali

41. Sultan Tippu, generally known in the vernacular as Tippu Sulthaan or Tippu Saib.

42. Women

43. Laccadive Islands

44. Ali Raja

45. Kolathiri

46. Kadathanad

47. The Zamorin and other apparitions

48. The Jews


50. Hinduism

51. Christianity

52. Pestilence, famine etc.

53. British Malabar versus Travancore kingdom

54. Judicial

55. Revenue and administrative changes

56. Rajas

57. Forests 58. Henry Valentine Conolly 59. Miscellaneous notes

60. Culture of the land

62. The English efforts in developing the subcontinent

63. Famines

64. Oft-mentioned objections

65. Photos and picture of the Colonial times

66. Payment for the Colonial deeds

I. Emancipation of slaves

II. Education

III. Administration

IV. Postal Department

V. Railways

VI. Hospitals

VII. Judiciary

VIII. Land Registration Department

IX. Police department

X. Fire Force

XI. Public Service Commissions

XII. Free trade routes

XIII. Sanitation

XIV. Public Conveniences

XV. Forest Department

XVI. Indian army

XVII. Miscellaneous

XVIII. Various statutory councils, civil aviation, rules, decorum &c.

XIX. Now, let us speak about concepts.

XX. Roadside trees

XXI. Freedom of press

XXII. Overrunning independent kingdoms

XXIII. People quality enhancement

XXIV. Reparation for the daylight heist done to cater to the selfish interests of the vested-interests here.

This is the complete list of Compensation dues